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Green Island Magic

By July 16, 2018News

Bigger may not always be better, but today the wind numbers may be small but the performance was big..

The magnificent view that greeted competitors at today’s event. Light but consistent conditions in the 12-15 knot range were forecast and that is basically right down the line of what delivered. Light, yes. Consistent, yes. Sailable ? An early setup for light wind slalom was established but calm hands on the start trigger didn’t succumb to pressure to race in sub standard conditions. Our tradition at GI ensures only quality and fun racing so a decision to hold rather than run in marginal conditions proved the right call. Meantime an impromptu photoshoot took place off the back of the start boat (thanks Severne’s  Paul McGill) and no doubt the results will be seen for months to come..

In case you still had any doubt about the World Cup result or the national pride of Mssr Gaubert … Tres cool !

Gotta love this. Like Father, like Son. Grae Morris rips with his dad, AWA President Brett Morris.

After a short delay, conditions settled to perfect flat water Freerace on the top end Reef Flats arena, so a session was soon underway in light but perfectly gliding conditions…a race as much on apparent wind as actual really showcased riders skill and tuning efficiency. Right from the get go it was apparent the top guys were right into it; Kaleb running super hi to the top of the course area looked visibly the most consistent speed, while Byron always seemed quick tried the middle ground, chasing bearaways in the smaller shifts or gusts. Kelly used local knowledge to run the lower end and out to sea. Brad was mechanical in his runs, settled and calm not flashy nor really all that “visible” compared to some of the others but always there just motoring solidly along, his vertical rig trim quite noticeable amongst the other more raked stances. Critically no one used or benefitted from oversize gear, achieving great planing runs on average size slalom gear highlighting the potential of Green Island as a fast venue even in conditions which would otherwise be unraceable.. Many top competitors were fully competitive on 7.8m/107 combos and Alex Rouys even used a 7m/107 to very convincing results. 2 board/2 sail limit. No gear wars here.

But at the end of the day, it was the biggest guy who delivered the biggest numbers on the lightest day.

Old Guys might Rule, but Mikey’s still got plenty of go. Not quite Masters, but on the way 😉

Great day for the ladies too, with all four taking to the Freerace course, some more for the sheer joy of sailing in such idyllic conditions but Derryn really got into the race mode and had some great runs. Fantastic to see the enthusiasm and competitiveness of Lara and Shari, while the sensational style of Mo Chauvin from Noumea completes a perfect picture amongst beautiful sailing conditions.

Sean might be their cousin, but the O’Brien girls certainly know how to put the power down too.

Tomorrow’s another day … and the wind is back on .

Stay tuned for exciting slalom and Freerace action from the Island.

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