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Some things don’t grow old…

By June 19, 2018News

Seems those iconic pictures from the original GI 2013 just won’t fade. And why would they ?? Spirit of the Reef.

JC’s epic coverage of the original GI 2013 went global, with full color feature articles in the world’s leading windsurf mags including UK Windsurf Mag, and these ones above, in French WindMAG and legendary German SURF magazine. Rewind. Back to where it started. Enjoy that original mission article in pdf format from the link below.

Not to be outdone, Japan’s famous Hi Wind Annual featured even more of JC’s Vlasoff artistry with the usual suspects. So raise a Boag’s in celebration. OK, you had to be there. And remember, James was a Tasmanian.

Download : Wonder of the WORLD - UK WINDSURF

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