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By July 25, 2019July 31st, 2019News


The rainclouds rolled away and normal service was resumed on the Great Barrier Reef today as Day 4 of 2019 GI Nats got underway with a solid 20-25 kt breeze blowing over the luminous turquoise water. Back to normal !! Best news was the return to action of Murray Towndrow, sporting the new technology duct tape and waterproof dressing over yesterday’s savage fin cut.

Julien Ventalon charging hard, leads both the Open Slalom and Freerace GPS Championships going into the final day. His exceptional form and great racecraft have placed him in a dominant position in just about every race contested. Queenslands Brad Anderson and Tasmanias Kaleb Smith lead the  charge trying to catch Julian, and the raw speed of Max Gaubert is sensational on the faster slalom legs.

Dave Morehead is powering ahead in Masters Slalom from VIC John Kane and NSW Glen Morrell.

Women’s Slalom simply couldnt be tighter between TAS Karen Robertson and the O’Brien sisters from Brisbane. Kaz and Lara set to duel for first place in the remaining 2 tables to be sailed day 5..

Freerace Open seems dominated by the relentless speed of Julian Ventalon, but Kaleb, Brad and Cairns own Kelly Morgan all chasing super consistently..Masters Freerace Dave Morehead seems to hold the edge over Glen Morrell. Freerace Women is equally competitive and looks to be decided between Karen Robertson and Kellie Tusler.

Day 5 promises equally exciting conditions and racing to match, wrapping up a sensational week of racing in surreal conditions at Green Island 2019.

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