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It might have rained, but…

By July 23, 2019July 31st, 2019News


… That was about the only thing that wasn’t great at GI Nats Day 3. Well, the rain and Muz’s knee fin cut. Which we can firstly update will repair quite well, thanks in no small part to the dedicated efforts of the local Doctor, a certain Dr C Macleod of otherwise GI notoriety ! Murray is expected to attempt a restart tomorrow well dosed on antibiotics and waterproof dressings. Before…and after.

Despite a consistent overcast sky and endless misting drizzle, the apparent temperature may have dropped but the apparent action was red hot. Winds ran steadily in the 20-25 kt range from normal SE Tradewind direction, allowing 3 complete tables of hi speed slalom racing to be completed on a downwind M course on the Eastern speed run side of Green Island. It wasn’t all this grey…

Fresh from 6 months full on Noumea sailing, Julien Ventalon continues his hold on the Open Slalom rankings from super quick Max Gaubert and Queensland’s Brad Anderson. Masters leader Dave Morehead  is currently ranked ahead of Victorian John Kane and NSW’s Glen Morrell. Strangely, no one actually minded racing in the misty rain, especially as the wind was good and temperature warm. You cant feel that thru the pictures. As for the boat crews, well, lets just say they had a wetter day than most.

Great competition in the Women’s divisions on both Slalom and Freerace, with the welcome and very competitive return today of Queensland’s Kellie Tusler who was injured in a starting accident on Day 2. It has been sensational to see all the Women sailing powerfully and competently in both hi speed slalom and endurance based freerace categories. And it was still warm…

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