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The Australian Windsurfing Association proudly presents the

Australian Slalom Championships 2021
Australian Freerace Championships 2021

Green Island : The event of the year for so many participants. Since 2013. For some, it’s become a ritual. For many others, a dream. Fulfilled . Or yet to realise… Growing in reputation and popularity each winter, it’s hard to imagine we’re entering our 8th edition of this annual festival of mid-winter fun! This year, don’t miss your opportunity to join some of Australia’s top competitors for an incredible week of competition, fun and camaraderie. Escape those Southern winter blues to that perfect big blue – tropical warmth and trade wind conditions. The Island awaits…

You’ve seen that iconic imagery scattered all over the world.
Panoramic spreads of windsurfing paradise. Right here in Oz.   This. Is. It.

Green Island is one of the most spectacular locations in Australia, an absolute winter wonderland of windsurfing in Australia. Participation easily becomes a lifetime experience for those taking part. The remote location and logistics do involve additional travel and some event costs, but as each year’s participants unquestionably agree, any pain was absolutely worth the gain !!

Monday to Friday.

Unlike previous years, we’ve made the intentional decision to not compete on the ideal tide opening Sunday 25th July. And with very good reason. This year, restricted ferry schedules mean the usual 1pm outbound ferry most likely isn’t running. That means a typical “fly in Saturday morning, get the 1pm ferry to the Island for setup Saturday afternoon, race Sunday” is less likely to be practical for a lot of participants. Most flights arriving CNS Saturday may not arrive in time to get out to the Island on Saturday. Keeping it real, opening Sunday is 2021 is a transit or setup day. And could also be an awesome sailing or warm up session. See you there.

Low tides by final Friday steer us towards getting most competition complete by Thursday; Friday remains a valid low tide option if required. Heads up.

Covid19 and our event.

Gotta cover it. It’s the clear intention for us all to travel and enjoy a sensational time away from the difficulties of the past year. The motivation from everyone involved to get more  panoramic and less pandemic is very, very real. Obviously and logically, if travel or gathering is officially restricted during our event (or event transit timeframe/s), we must comply with all Covid restrictions and even the best plans may be disrupted. Under such conditions of restricted travel or attendance, awarding Australian Championships (or even holding formal competition) may not be a proper and credible (or even possible) outcome. While our event takes a LOT of long term planning and commitment, some bigger factors -well outside our control – may not align. Even at the last minute.  And reality is, we all have to allow for that.

Participants willingly participate, agreeing the Organisers reserve the right to make responsible  and reasonable  decisions in respect of the event, any titles or competition prior to the commencement of any competition. Or at any time, if unavoidable.  Even under restrictions, casual gathering (if possible) and enjoying the best time possible may still be achievable. Simply being there and enjoying great conditions, camaraderie and fun times this year seems an even higher priority than competition or titles. Which kind of takes us back to what it’s all about anyway.

GINats fair play and keeping it cool code of conduct absolutely applies. Especially this year. Please read this twice. Enough said ? Moving on…

Back to the game.

Securing sponsorship and grants to help cover event costs is always one of our main objectives, and we’ll push it til it hurts to try and get things organised cost effectively and keep the participation fees down. Be confident we’re working hard to give you the very best opportunity to be a part of something really special.

Online Entry.

Online entry will be available shortly, and completing your entry prior to 10th July, 2021 will be an essential prerequisite to participate in the many privileges, discounts and event bonuses that form part of the entry package. Or at least get your T-Shirt size correct. Late entries will be accepted, but will incur the bar tab at the closing party, as well as going home shirtless. And not just from the final night.…

AWA National Championship event/s. Entrants must be current registered and paid up members of AWA via registration in their home state prior to this event. Take care as this event occurs 3 weeks into the new membership year 2021/22 so a current renewal is essential. As membership forms part of our event liability cover protecting all participants, we check validity of memberships prior to anyone getting a start. No joke.

As successfully featured since 2013 in all GI based championships, for so many practical. logistical and just keeping it suitably simple,

GINats 2021 is a 2 board : 2 sail (option 1 board : 3 sail)
registered equipment limit event for all Slalom + Freerace category/s.

Competitor Information Pack

Organizers will again provide comprehensive information and visitor information, event specific details and equipment check list etc to all 2021 registered participants prior to the event. This information is sent by email to each registered address the week prior to the event, allowing sufficient time for receipt but also ensuring the information is as up to the minute current as practical.

All of the information you should require to plan your trip to Green Island is here on the website.

Event Categories

The Green Island Nats will be an Open category event. 2021 AWA Australian Championship titles will be awarded in Slalom and Freerace disciplines from the overall results of competition held during the Green Island Nats.
With sufficient entries to form credible fleets in sub categories (eg; Women , Youth and Masters, additional sub titles will be recognized and we absolutely encourage participation from these sectors.

All fun, all to play for.

The Spirit of the Event

Cairns, Green Island and Far North Queensland enjoy an enviable relaxed lifestyle in an idyllic location.
In keeping with the location, and the friendly spirit and camaraderie shared by the local crew and event organizers, the Green Island Nats shall be primarily organized and managed as a fun, participative event for all those who attend. We’ll attend to safety and organization issues exceptionally professionally but insist on the right to deliver the event in a casual, relaxed and enjoyable manner. Entrants agree with keeping it real.

Be cool is the rule. And fun. Karma goes a long way.