The Event. The Low Down. TheTop End.

The Association

The Australian Windsurfing Association, Inc is the peak organizing authority of windsurfing within Australia. Formed by a committee of representatives from each State Windsurfing Association within Australia, AWA oversees the management, direction and guidance of windsurfing sports at competitive and recreational levels, coordinating National initiatives, policy, guidelines and insurance to members Australia wide. AWA has a long and unblemished history of delivering safe, credible and well managed National events around Australia.

Incorporated in 1981, AWA is a direct affiliate and Australian representative body of the International Windsurfing Association (IWA). AWA is also the windsurfer class association and a direct affiliate of Australia’s peak sailing authority, Australian Sailing.

The Event

2013 unveiled the Inaugural Green Island Nats event, unquestionably judged by all participants as one of the most enjoyable and successful windsurf events experienced in Australia in a long time. Right out of the blocks, we knew we had to do this event again in 2014, not only as a rerun for the participants of the original 2013 fun, but for those who hadn’t the chance to make it in 2013 – and importantly to promote the opportunity of a quality, ongoing annual National mid-winter gathering. And did 2014 work out, or what ??

2014 wasn’t any doubt about the wind. And certainty no doubt about the ability to turn on a world class set of conditions… 2014 confirmed the Green Island Nats concept and event format as a sensational National level event, bringing the best from each State together in reliable performance conditions, in an awesome location at an unusual time of year that actually worked remarkably well. What followed was some of the most intense National level competition ever seen in AUS. Serious but relaxed, friendly rivalry. The stoke was infectious. No one went home hungry.

And so it rolled..  2015.  2016.  2017. 2018. 2019. All epic chapters in our event, with great attendance, sensational experiences and an unending series of positive feedback, encouragement and, well, down-right pressure to do it all again.

2020 we were derailed. We saw it coming and called it well. Same time we were even more motivated to return, and 2021, we’re right back where we left off. Warmth 25C. Wind 25Kts. Water 25C. Ready. Are you ? The reef awaits…

The Championships

Slalom is a well established major National championship run annually within Australia for many years. Truly representative of what most people perceive to be modern “windsurf” racing, Slalom racing is now the predominant style of international racing and is the cornerstone of racing within PWA events worldwide. Featuring high action in closely contested fast, short heats of 6 or 8 racers crossing back and forth over an “M” or “8” shaped course, with each race leg distances normally 300-500m in distance. Each heat starts under split second timed countdowns and are often finished in less than 3 minutes actual course time. Results are sorted by progression through a multiple heat system. Green Island legendary “reef flats” area to the windward S/E corner of the Island allow for perfect, broad downwind M courses and regular S/E trades ensure reliable and consistent high speed racing.

Freerace is an exciting evolutionary discipline proposed and then introduced in 2013 by Ian Fox as the future of an ongoing national championship. It offers enormous potential for participants worldwide thanks to the availability of competitive freeride and freerace equipment and hi quality wearable GPS units. Riders compete over a set identical period of “real time” without any fixed course but within a defined and limited area. All sailing distance accumulated within an allocated time and sailing area limits accumulates to define a winner. Green Islands spectacular “reef flats” area has proven the perfect natural amphitheater for top level competition in this format.