Travel & Logistics

Hard to find a better year to do it…

Maybe not quite on everyone’s doorstep, but the tropical tradewinds and mid-winter wonderland that await “Southerners” arriving in Cairns mid-Aussie winter just has to be experienced to be believed. Stepping off that Airbus into the warm tropical breeze rustling the palm tress, any distance or perceived logistical problems fade fast… Hard to believe you’re still in Australia… No customs queues… No I-94… No TSA… No attitude… Nice.
Hours later, standing in crystal clear turquoise water 30kms from the mainland, under a bright blue sky, while a warm 20 knot tradewind rattles your 7.5 – as the rest of Australia freezes windless – it’s difficult to comprehend. Until you do it.

This is the real deal. For those who haven’t (yet) we want to share the experience.

Let’s help make it all a little easier…

Getting to Cairns

For most participants, flying into Cairns is simply the only way to go. The event has been designed to keep equipment requirements to a minimum, reducing the burden in a physical and financial sense of large amounts of excess baggage.

All major domestic carriers have regular and extensive schedules serving Cairns, most especially during peak high season dates and competitive airfares are available especially for those taking advantage of advance purchase discounts.

On a practical note, competitors should note 1.9m baggage length restrictions on flights flown on Jetstar domestic routes.

For 2021, Green Island Nats is again a 2 board : 2 sail (option 1 board : 3 sail) limit event.

This ensures modest and practical travel quivers for Green Island.

Most competitors should comfortable achieve their equipment plus a moderate weeks worth of tropical clothing and personal items within normal airline sporting goods (+carry on) allowance. Event organisers also can assist with road freight delivery for those wishing to surface transfer equipment to or from Cairns for the event.

Airline Baggage Allowance for 2021 ?
Organisers appreciate and respect the previous support provided to our event by Australia’s National carrier, Qantas. Unfortunately, in 2021 things are a bit tighter despite the massive publicity and coverage generated in response to Qantas support of our  event, we are not able to confirm any special event baggage allowance offer at this point in time.  Check your airline excess options, in fact you may find some standard charges and capabilities for quiver sized bags quite affordable and practical within reasonable fares.

Option: Discount airfare and road freight your gear.

Travel logistics got you worried? Enticed by a killer flight deal but then slammed with baggage length limits ? Consider the option to road freight your quiver to and from Cairns in advance of the event. Logistical support will be available for those (especially groups) who would like to organise this in advance of their travel. Don’t think about it the week before. Or at the baggage check in.

Cairns Airport transfer to Hotels or Green Island Ferry

Cairns Airport is a short 10 minute taxi ride from just about anywhere you need to go between the Airport and the downtown or Reef Fleet Terminal areas, There are a relatively large number of Maxi Taxis (long wheel base Hi Ace style vehicles) serving the area which can readily cope with quite large volumes of windsurf equipment, and basically $30 gets you, your mates and your gear (3 or 4 sets of gear) where you need to go. Generally available from kerbside and downtown, maybe phonebook 131008 in advance if your on an outbound time critical journey.

Competitor transfer to Green Island

Competitors with accommodation at Green Island Resort will have their transfers arranged directly as part of their on island package.

Competitors and other participants staying mainland side will be able to travel to and from Green Island each day on a modern hi speed catamaran shuttle using a week long transfer pass available in the entry package courtesy of Great Adventures. Punctual departure from the Reef Fleet Terminal is 0830 daily (boarding 0800) and return arrival to Cairns a social 1700 aprox each evening.

For family or those requiring casual or day transfer to Green Island, 2 outbound and return schedules normally operate every day departing Cairns modern Reef Fleet marina terminal. 2021 schedules are severely affected and reduced services may apply. Please be aware in advance. Transit for the event has been negotiated and agreed with Great Adventures, and we are really exceptionally grateful for their tremendous support in difficult times. Casual tickets and reef adventure packages including Green Island stopover and activities are generally available daily. Please talk to us in advance we may be able to assist with suitable arrangements.

Equipment transfer to Green Island

Important Info: For 2021, we are  intending to bring all equipment to the Island by the outbound Great Adventures ferry using Cairns departures on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th. Wherever possible competitors should transfer their own equipment to the Island using their Ferry pass prior to Sunday 25th evening. Some limitations on OUTBOUND equipment transfer may apply on the Monday 26th morning and competitors are strongly advised to NOT rely on Monday morning (last minute) transfer as space is limited and excess will be carried later. Equipment transfer back to Cairns from GI via the Green Island ferry schedules will be Thursday 29th and Friday 30th (any excess would return around lunchtime Friday 26th ). Special arrangements may be possible by prior request. FiFO logic used for fair play and last minute special requests served last.

Equipment transfer for Green Island Resort guests

Competitors staying on Green Island with confirmed reservations at Green Island Resort will transfer their equipment and personal baggage to Green Island as part of their Green Island Resort check in direct at the Reef Fleet Terminal check in. Island Resort guests do have priority equipment transfer.

Competitors should note that equipment transfer capacity on the Great Adventures catamaran shuttle is extremely limited for bulky items, and should not be relied upon for “last minute” equipment transfer as excess load will not be carried.

Event equipment storage on Green Island.
Green Island Resort will provide on island storage in an open air event compound area for competitor equipment during the course of the event. This system has been used successfully at each previous event and in generally secure, however Competitors should understand that storage is all care but no responsibility and equipment is transported to stored on Island at owners risk. There is only limited provision for general windsurf equipment transfer on/off Island during each daily event transit, so please be wise and plan ahead.
Obviously smaller, valuable items may be transported on/off island each day at competitor’s discretion and every effort will be made to assist with special situations.