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2021 Event Update…

By July 20, 2021News

Dear Green Island Nats participants, enthusiasts and supporters…

Thank you for sharing the enthusiasm and positive support for our 2021 event.

This year, more than ever, our determination to deliver a safe and uplifting event to the Australian Windsurfing community motivated all of us to make this happen.

With rapidly expanding uncertainty over Nationwide health and travel, abrupt border closures, lockdowns, restrictions and quarantine requirements, our ability to deliver the 2021 event in the manner and to the standard expected by many stakeholders has been suddenly and significantly impacted. As has been the confidence of many of our participants. And with due cause.

As of today, the current and rapidly changing circumstances now affecting every State of Australia force us to rapidly re-evaluate the 2021 event status with the event organisers, participants, supporters, commercial partners and authorities involved. Certainly not as we expected.

To ensure the safe and seamless conduct that is essential to the immediate and long term success of this unique event, Green Island Nats’ remote location and complex infrastructure requires significant, experienced and suitable resources, detailed permitting and local authority compliance. After proper consideration of participant confidence (and freedom to travel), event management, safety, logistics and both short and long term relationships with the many stakeholders behind the event, as well as the credibility of both the event and related National Titles, the difficult conclusion is that it is no longer possible to properly conduct the 2021 event to the standards expected and required.

Important too – and in keeping with our own “Spirit of the Event” – was the clear consensus that any organised Green Island event should be fully and properly delivered. No half measures.

We apologise unreservedly to everyone impacted by this outcome and assure you that no one feels the pain of this situation more – or has more skin in this game – than the organisers themselves.

A full and immediate refund of all entry fees received will follow – and we openly and positively encourage anyone still able to travel to Cairns and Green Island to do so and enjoy a wonderful getaway.

Without question, our commitment and response to this situation is positive and we focus on 2022.

Again, we thank everyone for their ongoing support, understanding and above all, enthusiasm.

See you on the Reef. Sometime soon.

Green Island Nats crew

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